Denn Guptill

Denn has been pastoring since he was twenty and his strengths lie in communication, both as a speaker and author. He has spoken at churches in Canada, the United States, Africa and Australia, and presently serves as adjunct faculty at Kingswood University in Sussex, New Brunswick.  Denn is the author of “The Penn of Denn: The world through Denn Coloured Glasses”

Denn & Angela  have led our church as a team since it’s inception. They make their home in Kingswood.


Jason Vienneau

Jason joined Cornerstone in 2005 and presently serves as pastor of creative arts. Jason is married to Marla and they make their home in Bedford. With their sons.

Marilyn Mansvelt

Marilyn has been a part of the ministry team at Cornerstone since 2008 with primary responsibility in the area of Children’s and Women’s ministry. Marilyn is married to Chris and they live in Hammonds Plains with their two sons.  

Michael White

Michael White joined our staff in 2011 after pastoring in Wesleyan Churches in NB and NS, his primary responsibility is in pastoral care.  Michael is married to Nicki and they live in Sackville with their teenage son.

Ben & Bayley Medel

Ben and Bayley joined our team in 2012. Ben gives direction in youth and young adults. While Bayley assists with our music program. The Medel’s make their home in Hammonds plain with their two sons.

Stefan & Deborah Gilbert

Stefan and Deborah became part of our staff in 2014. Stefan is our Tech Pastor while Deborah is the assistant Family Care Pastor. The Gilberts make their home in Sackville with their three daughters.

Mike Kneebone

Mike has been a part of Cornerstone since 1996 and presently serves as administrator and building manager. Mike is married to Sajonna and they make their home in Bedford.